I'm a Plant-Passionate Foodie and Holistic Health Coach on a Mission to Change the World, one Healthy Eater at a time. Let's start with you. 

Throughout my twenties I struggled with a variety of a illnesses that I now see as symptoms of weakened immune function and a digestive system destroyed by antibiotics and poor diet. I battled chronic bladder and yeast infections, and fought off endless colds and flu's. It seemed like par for the course, as everyone around me had similar problems. I began to seek natural solutions, but did so with the intent for an easy way out, a quick fix, with the desire to return to my sugary addictions and love of junk food. So, what changed?


I grew a garden. I began to cook meals at home with my partner. I started to eliminate refined foods, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I fell in love with food. And, a whole world opened up to me that I hadn't seen before. 

Food is a great connector. Connecting us to each other, to the earth, to our culture & allowing us a deeper understanding of our own bodies. The food we eat literally creates every cell in our bodies; it becomes our blood, our tissues, our nerves and our bones. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT - but, more importantly - we are HOW we eat.  Falling in love with food is about being connected to something bigger than ourselves. It's about seeing the root systems and knowing that we are part of them. This is when real healing can occur, when stubborn weight can be released, and when joyfulness can be felt in every bite


Stop eating simply to satisfy your cravings, to lose weight or to kill time, and starting eating with purpose! Fall in love with Food, and learn how eating for health can transform your life. 

Does this mean you never get to eat out again? Or, indulge in that favorite snack? Of course not! We live in a complicated world. We can have our cake and eat it too - just, not all the time! 

By sharing our strengths and passions with one another, we allow for growth and change all around us. I have a PASSION for food, nutrition, health and happiness. I've created Simple & Effective Online Nutrition Programs that will help you get on track RIGHT NOW