"Will you cook me dinner?"  


Our lives are busy.

We work hard.

We have families, jobs, obligations and social engagements.

Finding time to make home-cooked meals is a challenge. 

I hear this more often than anything else; It's not about wanting to eat healthy. It's about the struggle to find balance between a busy schedule and home cooking. 

The truth is, there is no secret diet that we all need to follow. Yes, there are some tried and true guidelines we all can benefit from, but ultimately the #1 thing everyone can do to nourish their bodies, nurture their spirit and connect with family & friends, is to simply eat home cooked meals. Meals made with real, whole food ingredients. Meals made with love. 

In our busy, modern lives - that is one of the greatest challenges we face. 

I've created a simple solution that is far more affordable than hiring a personal chef, and 100% better than living off of take-out, fast-food, delivery and microwave dinners.