The success of a healthy diet relies heavily on a properly stocked pantry.  That means - cleaning out the bad and stocking up on the good.


But, getting there can feel a little... overwhelming.  


I can help. 


Cleaning out the Pantry can be an exciting and invigorating experience! Together we will take back your kitchen ~ Make it a place where you feel inspired to make healthy, wonderful meals for you and your family. Having the right tools, and the right foods will change the whole game for you. 

After all,  how will you ever kick your sugar habit if you always have a stock of cookies waiting for you? 

How does it work?

Fill out the form below and answer some simple questions (your goals, your biggest food challenges, your favorite foods, etc). This will help me personalize your experience and set you up for greater success. 

Together we will spend 1 hour in your kitchen. I will help you identify the most problematic foods and offer solutions for healthier options. 

Any unopened items can be donated to a local food bank (I'll have suggestions for one close to you) and I'll help you learn to part with the rest. 

Together, we will work on a new shopping list and basic meal plan, that includes your favorite types of foods and a few things you likely haven't tried (but, I know you'll love!)

If you're still not confident in your new healthy eating plan - I'll recommend we do a Grocery Store Tour together to shop for your new healthier choices. 

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1 Hour Pantry Refresh Service is $75


Available within 20 miles of Denver.