Metabolism Boosting Tonic

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is pretty amazing stuff.  

As with other fermented products, like kombucha for example, you'll notice some sediment in your bottle of raw ACV. This is the "Mother" - and it signals a flourishing  culture of live bacteria & enzymes. This is exactly why ACV is often praised for it's probiotic content which helps support healthy gut bacteria. A balanced gut flora leads to proper & speedy digestion, which not only means more nutrients in your blood stream, but also an increase in your metabolic rate. 

As if that wasn't amazing enough. Studies have shown ACV can also play an important role in weight loss, particularly effecting the way the body stores & burn fat.  Just two tablespoons could help the body burn 3.7 pounds over 12 weeks

To kick up the metabolism boosting benefits of this tonic, I like to add a dash of cayenne to gently increase the body's overall temperature and kick up the metabolic rate. 

And no metabolism tonic would be complete without cinnamon, which is perfect first thing in the morning, to help balance blood sugar levels.

Stabilizing blood sugar first thing in the morning is the key to maintaining your blood sugar throughout the day, which in turn will help reduce cravings, steady energy levels & improve brain function. 


Metabolism Boosting Tonic

Shake, stir or blend to combine ingredients. Drink over the course of the morning. 

Tip: You may not want to drink this EVERY morning :)  The cayenne & apple cider vinegar may be a little intense, so ease into it and take a break every few days.