10 Minute Meals: Black Bean & Roasted Chicken Fiesta Bowl

I love eating well, and I love to cook. But, at the end of a work day, what I really want is a meal that comes together quickly and easily. In fact, I've become a bit of a pro at throwing together a beautiful, healthy plate in 10 minutes of less.  


This week's trick is a simple one: Rotisserie Chicken.  

Maybe you've never thought too much of these roasted wonders. Maybe they've even seemed a little... wierd? But, the truth is - if the chicken itself is of qood quality, a rotisserie chicken is an awesome option. I buy mine at Whole Foods Market because I know they are free range, vegetarian fed, and always free of fillers, preservatives or any nasty additives. And, on Wednesdays, they are only $6.99 (Here in Denver, at least). That's SUCH a good deal!! 

For this week's first meal, I'm making a quick, mexi-style salad bowl using a frozen wild rice blend with shredded chicken and lots of fresh veg. This bowl is SUPER colorful, packed with fiber, protein and lots of bright flavor.  

(P.S. This would be JUST as good without the chicken! There's plenty of plant based protein in this meal - just load it up with veggies to make sure it's nice and filling. )

I wanted to try out this new frozen item I found - Engine 2's Organic Fiesta Blend, containing whole grain brown rice, peppers, corn,  jalepeno & black beans. (THAT'S IT). It's also Non-GMO Project Certified, which I appreciate. 

For the Bowl: 

1 bag Engine 2 Fiesta Blend, cooked according to bag instructions

3 oz shredded chicken (about 1/2 cup)

Seasonings of your choice (I added 1 teaspoon cumin, 1/2 teaspoon chili powder, salt & pepper)

2 cups greens (spinach, mesculin, mixed super greens - whatever you have!) 

1 small tomatoes, diced or handful of cherry tomatoes, halved

1/2 avocado, diced

generous serving of fresh pico or favorite salsa

fresh cilantro, to taste

fresh lime, to taste



Cook Fiesta Blend according to instructions. You'll have enough for at least 2 good sized meals. Add chicken & spices and allow flavors to blend & meld into yumminess. Layer fiesta blend & chicken onto your bed of greens. Top with fresh veggie goodness. Enjoy!!  




Remember: Cooked chicken is only good for about 3-4 days before being frozen. So plan another couple of days worth of meals around the chicken, then shred up the remaining meat and portion into freezer bags for soups, stews & future fiesta bowls! You can also freeze the bones for making a healthful broth later on. 

Bonus: Save a little extra time by preparing tomorrow's lunch at the same time as your dinner. That's 2 meals in 10 minutes!